AEP Group

Client: AEP group
Segment: Architects
Completed: Apr 2012


AEP GROUP is a collection of companies comprising teams of leading design and engineering experts, including specialist architects, structural and electrical engineers, and construction professionals that deliver one-stop solutions for modern architectural and design challenges.

Lead by Mr. Pakhin , the companies Able Architects , Edifix and Prodigy One operate in a synergy that provides complete building-design solutions for commercial, residential, public, interior and landscaping projects.The combination of companies offers comprehensive solutions for any design challenge from residential and retail to leisure facilities and resorts – from beginning to end – while ensuring excellence in creativity, efficient reliability and transparency.

AEP GROUP aims to give clients added convenience and peace of mind through the one-stop service by assigning project-specific experts for each type and stage of development. Together, Able Architects, Edifix and Prodigy One work closely and transparently with each other and their clients to ensure careful planning and attention to detail though each and every step in taking a building plan from a dream to realisation in the smoothest possible way. Able Architects are creationists; the concept artists who put on paper the dreams of contemporary property developers and help determine a project’s possibilities. The structural engineers and designers at Edifix are the ones who make it possible, and Prodigy One’s design project experts look after image, branding cost control.

The teamwork ensures that the best materials in the industry are sourced to ensure the highest global safety and ecological standards. Additionally, every effort is made to design buildings that are economically sustainable and work in harmony with the elements and surrounding environment.

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